In 2015, Volume was born…it was years in the making in my mind, but took the exact right moment in life to make the vision a reality. Over the last 5 years, we grew as a team and a brand. This last year has definitely had its challenges and we’ve had to adapt and make tough decisions, but we’ve also had some really positive developments within the team. I’m thrilled to announce that Kate Brewer, Francesca Henley and Emma Lally have joined me as partners of Volume Creative.

We have different backgrounds and disciplines, different hopes and dream but we collectively want one thing… to create remarkable sustainable experiences. Running a business whilst supporting our families is tough, but with unwavering support from one another we are able to achieve success no matter what. Our clients come back to us time again because we deliver with vigour and passion. Together we make this happen, supporting one another in whatever life or a project throws as us. Truth be told, these woman have been my partners for years, but now we have a piece of paper making it official! They each bring unique perspectives and experiences and I’m feeling blessed to lead this next chapter with them.

This partnership is not only exciting for Volume but, I hope, for the design industry as a whole. We need more female led design agencies, woman supporting one another to achieve greatness.

So here’s to the next chapter, and here’s to incredible new partners, and here’s to being better together.

_Callie Tedder-Hares, Founder & Creative Director

October 2020

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