We’re delving into the world of craft chocolate.


We have an exciting new chocolate project.  How lucky are we?!? It’s important that we do thorough research and tasting. 🙂

Canopy Market ‘craft chocolate takeover’ allowed us to do just that, indulging ourselves in artisanal chocolate goodness from the all over the world. Beautiful packaging, knowledgeable makers and delicious samples were all but a few of the markets offerings.  Fulfilling every chocolate lovers dream while highlighting the importance of individual process and bean-to-bar story for each brand.

We were lucky enough to attend a chocolate and wine pairing session with Cocoa Runners and Charles Metcalfe. Learning about the art and science behind flavour combinations and pairings, we were enriched with information (and more samples!) to discover the best way to enjoy fine wine and fine chocolate. What a treat! Thank you to Canopy Market in Kings cross, Cocoa Runners and Charles for having us! We will definitely be back!

Recommended Listening: Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen