That’s right, we have a new studio space!

We’ve been hanging out in our workshop, getting our hands dirty and trying new things, but it’s hard to heat a 4,000 sq ft industrial unit! To ensure we had a warm home this year, we extended our patch to a new studio (conveniently right across the road!)

Used for ideating, creating and client meetings, the space gives us an opportunity to come together and work on all levels of a project.  From brief to build and all the bits in between. We fit seamlessly into our clients internal teams, often working in their offices in the UK or abroad, but the studio gives us the base we need it even if only there once or twice a week.  Do come and say hi!

We’re obsessed with art and have used our new walls to house our own collection (our own very large collection)! We’re always on the look out for unique and interesting pieces so please get in touch if you have some ideas.

Recommended Listening: Got To Move by Fleetwood Mac