Happy Birthday 3rd birthday to us!

We started as a small team of 4 and this year we grew to 12! Our Virgin Voyages project has been instrumental in our growth. We still have to occasionally pinch ourselves that they invited us on the journey with them.

Our vision was to bridge the gap between design agency and in-house, which is why our team is a beautiful blend of designers and design managers. We find that our experience in-house and agency-side across many sectors gives us an invaluable understanding of how organisations really work. We get the intensity and pressures involved in delivering a new project. Our immersive approach means we can work at every level of a project, from brand inception to physical environment, whether for start-ups or a global powerhouse. We help make brand visions a reality.

We’re building on this vision together…always learning and always challenging ourselves. We’ve collaborated some incredible brands these last 3 years and we embrace the years to come!

Recommended Listening: 3 Wishes by Dave Thomas Junior