Since day dot, everything we’ve done at Volume and Spared has placed nature front and centre. Needing to acknowledge that we’re part of something bigger and have a duty to preserve and restore it is why we founded the companies in the first place.

Whether we’re building a bespoke interior project for a client or creating a piece of furniture from waste materials, we’re fostering a sense of reciprocity with the natural world and, ultimately, a desire to be an agent of change and design for the greater good.

Some of the biophilic design principles we use in our process are:

  • Showcasing natural irregularities – elements that remind us of nature’s imperfections, which we think are gorgeous

  • Materiality – honouring natural materials and bringing their uniqueness and tactility to the fore, amplified by organic shapes

  • Views, airflow and context – bringing what nature does best to interior spaces and making a building part of the landscape rather than separate from it

We’re in continual conversation with our customers about how we can put nature first when we develop a project because this always ends in a better, healthier user experience.

And what we hope to do as we grow is bring biophilic design to the table as a bigger topic – in the same way that sustainability is on everyone’s lips at the moment – because the two are far stronger when they’re applied together. Bringing the outside in can help people embrace the idea of connectedness and planetary guardianship, and we need that now more than ever.

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