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A successful interior needs a clear narrative, by that we don’t mean a ‘theme’, but rather a story. Without it, it’s challenging to define a style that the user believes in, relates to and is harmonious to its interior environment.


Styling a space and adding the finishing touches should be an authentic extension of the design vision, where a simple thread can complete the storytelling and create ‘the end’ point to the experience. It should feel effortless and natural in its environment.

Approaching a styling project starts with finding the narrative through collaborating with our clients to define the Brand thread to run through the space. It might mean creating quiet moments that compliment an interior or it might be about loud, bold moments, showcasing statement pieces and adding additional focal points.

Ultimately, it’s about finding the right mix of pieces that strengthen the story, the colour palette to enrich and adding the perfect balance of personality.

October last year, we were commissioned by Virgin Voyages to style their first ship, Scarlet Lady.

After four years working closely with the Virgin Voyages team as design managers and as designers for a few spaces onboard, we knew Scarlet Lady inside and out.  Adding these final touches to the spaces was an opportunity we relished!

We worked closely with their internal teams to define the budget, the strategy, the logistics and the narrative.  We introduced carefully curated styling to the public spaces to compliment the plethora of differing spaces on the ship, sourcing a combination of found objects that would work alongside, one-off pieces and bespoke handcrafted objects.

Styling objects also populate the 78 suites on board with a mix of quirky sea-faring pieces at the suite’s bar as well as design classics and fashion, music and travel orientated books.

Our approach was to mix pieces in a modern, but eclectic manner that complemented the interior designers’ vision. There were areas that had a very strong nautical narrative, so it was a case of balancing nautical with modern and classic pieces that would also be relatable to the target demographic. The spaces we styled were all different and that made it exciting; from playful and nostalgic in some instances and quirky and cool in others.


March 2020

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