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Organisational wellness strategies are increasingly common, as their true value is understood in terms of individual health, creativity and productivity.


At Volume we’re making sure screen-free days are a conscious part of our strategy. This doesn’t just mean leaving the computer, it’s about new experiences, as individuals and as a team.

Our plan is for the whole of Volume to get out from behind the desk for a total of eleven days, spread throughout the year. We held the first one this May, and the next is next week.

We leave people free to spend the day as they see fit, exploring their own particular London. This might be going to an art gallery or exhibition or scoping out an exciting city district.

At the end of the day, the we all meet to share our experiences, over dinner and drinks.

Our first screen-free day culminated with a wonderful workshop hosted by artist and maker Phil Cuttance. He guided us with a hands-on session to work Jesmonite, a versatile composite material, into mini geometric vessels.

The outing definitely helped boost our mental health. But it also gave us the chance to experience new things which we can incorporate into our Volume life to help communicate our clients’ brands in a fresh way whether that’s through the environment, art work, or bespoke furniture.

Because these days are now built into our year, we all have a dedicated time to both relax and grow together, sparking new connections and fostering creativity.

Our work is all the better for our screen-free days and we can carry it out with renewed energy.


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