We’ve signed this today and we encourage our all our design community to have a read and do the same. Thank you to Absolute Project Management for bringing this declaration to our attention. We are proud to be in the first 100 UK design agencies to sign it.

We seek to:

  • Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action amongst our clients and supply chains.
  • Advocate for faster change in our industry towards regenerative design practices.
  • Share knowledge and research to that end on an open source basis.
  • Evaluate all new projects against the aspiration to contribute positively to mitigating climate breakdown. Encourage our clients to adopt this approach.
  • Work towards including life cycle costing, whole life carbon modelling and post occupancy evaluation as part of our basic scope of work, to reduce both embodied and operational resource use.
  • Work with others in the construction industry to upgrade existing buildings for extended use as a more carbon efficient alternative to demolition.
  • Act to address the disproportionate impact of these crises on disadvantaged communities and ensure that all mitigation and adaptation efforts address the needs of all people.
  • Ensure diverse and inclusive principles are implemented in hiring and retaining staff so that people of all backgrounds can participate in decision-making about the future of the designed environment
  • Request 3rd party certification or similar demonstration of environmental provenance and impact for each product specified.
  • Adopt more regenerative design principles in our studios.

If you’d like to join us and many others in this declaration go to Interior Design Declares and sign away!

October 2021