Interior Art Styling Branding Product


Elevating everyday play; a joyful brand identity for a sustainable play cafe.

  • UK start up
  • Naming, logo, strapline, tone of voice, typography, pattern, & full brand guidelines.

A thrilling place to play that has unexpected little delights around every corner. A shared cohesive space that meets the needs of children and parents alike.

Our strategy centred around 3 key principles:

Nature & Wellbeing – Natural / Restorative / Growth / Earthy / Healthy / Grounding / Organic
Discovery & Delight – Adventure / Exploration / Joy / Wonder / Imagination
Creativity & Connection – Togetherness / Community / Originality/ Innovation / Fantasy / Unexpected

Why the name?  The Lark bird is a symbol of joy, hope and laughter. Rising early with the sun and bringing happiness through their bird song as they fly. ‘Messing around’ and ‘fun play’ is deemed as larking about, the back-to-basics silliness we got up to as kids without the draw of technology. Lark brings together strong connotations of fun, happiness, and hope for the future.