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Commissioned by Virgin Voyages’ for their first cruise ship; The Scarlet Lady.


Inspired by the ripple and twists of the tail in motion, the sculpture has a fluid and dynamic quality that personifies the Scarlet Lady to give her a 3-dimensional presence.


A modern abstraction that focuses on movement through form and shape, using sketches, computer renders and 3D models to develop the design.


We wanted to find a material solution that was sustainable but could also be easily manipulated to enhance the fluid forms and dynamic design of the tail.


Initially explored the idea of heat moulding a large scale recycled plastic sheet to create a uniform single piece sculpture. Due to the complexity of the design and the ships technical requirements this was not feasible and other solutions needed to be explored.


The precision of 3D printing combined with the use a 3D print filament made from recycled consumer packaging realised our design in an environmentally friendly way to tell Virgin Voyages story of sustainability at sea, achieving up to 97% of the sculpture being recycled material.


The gloss surface imitates the reflective qualities of crystal-clear oceans to further emphasise Virgin Voyages’ approach, while also representative of being in water to add to the dynamism of the piece.