We are often asked for recommendations of sustainable materials for products & interiors. Whilst our approach to conscious, responsible design is greater than just specifying a ‘sustainable’ material; the material selection does, of course, play a huge role in our overall design approach.

So we thought we’d share some materials that we love. Some we’ve used in past projects, some specified for upcoming projects and others are on our ‘wish list’ that we are eager to use soon. The great news is that the choice in sustainable materiality is growing, so this is really only a very small taster.

Here’s our top 11

1. Foresso

UK made, wood terrazzo comprised of 65% waste stream content. It’s seriously gorgeous and equally versatile. You can buy in sheets or you can reach out to suppliers like Table Place Chairs (https://tableplacechairs.com/) who offer it as table tops option in their contract furniture range. https://foresso.co.uk/

2. Fishy Filaments

100% recycled fishing nets made into to filaments for 3-d printing. OK, so, we LOVE this product! We’ve used it in our Stacked Vases and are planning to use the micro pellets in a new product collaboration launching in April. Great eco credentials, UK made and such a lovely colour. https://fishyfilaments.com/

3. Really by Kvadrat

Kvadrat make some of the most beautiful fabric ranges in the world…but did you also know that they make solid textile boards from end-of-life cotton and wool? It’s an exquisite material that truly heroes circular design. https://www.kvadrat.dk/en/really

4. Jesmonite

A versatile low VOC, water based alternative to plaster or concrete. Jesmonite is one of our staple materials; we make furniture, objects and lighting with it regularly. One of its greatest qualities is how easy it is to add waste to it create an even richer sustainable material. click here for more info https://jesmonite.com/

5. Richlite

Recycled paper and pulp from responsibly sourced timber. FSC and Greenguard certified. It is so satisfyingly smooth and soft to the touch. A great eco choice for worktops and table tops. https://www.surfacematter.co.uk/materials/richlite

6. Stone Cycling

Waste based bricks. Hands down the most stunning bricks we’ve come across and made with 60% waste from the construction industry. A true winner if you have a large build project. https://www.stonecycling.com/

7. Durat

Solid surface made from recycled post industrial plastic. This is a fantastic alternative to stone surfaces. It comes in a plethora of colours. Go with neutral tones or bold candy colours, either way you will have specified a material that is 100% recyclable. Which is a huge plus for any project. https://www.surfacematter.co.uk/materials/durat

8. Smile plastics

100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable. A beautiful, highly versatile, no VOC off-gassing sheet material made in the UK. Great for both interiors projects and product design. https://smile-plastics.com/

9. Buxkin

A light weight decorative wall cladding material made from recycled textiles, felts, & paper. Perfect for interior wall cladding, both aesthetically and acoustically. https://www.buxkin.com/

10. Aluminium foam made by Alusion

Produced with up to 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. We’ve used this on a couple projects and it’s fantastic. Not only is it unique, it’s lightweight, making it great for marine projects. https://www.alusion.com/

11. Organoids

Compressed organic raw material that is supplied in sheets. Made from natural materials such as hay, cornflower, rose petal and lavender. It’s manufactured in a Co2- neutral process in Austria. If you’re looking for a material that brings the outdoors in, than look no further. https://www.organoids.com/en/

There you have it..

We hope you find this list helpful when specifying for projects.

One final note, if you make a sustainable material or you’ve used one you highly recommend please drop us a line – we are always eager to learn…

*companies featured in this article are our independent recommendations. Information provided is based on either our own personal experience in using the material and/or research from the manufacturers website.

February 2021

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