Interior Design

Spaces that champion design innovation, sustainability and deep-rooted storytelling.

We specialise in designing diverse and conscientious interior experiences including hospitality, food & beverage, retail, exhibition design, workplace and residential with design innovation and sustainability at our core. We don’t have a house style, but we do have a house attitude: curious, collaborative & thoughtful.


Contemporary sculpture, installations and wall art that celebrate interconnectedness in cutting-edge, low-impact materials. We weave narratives into cohesive art collections by collaboration and curation.

Our team is fully equipped to manage every aspect of manufacturing, framing, shipping logistics, and installation, ensuring a seamless success.

Art Curation

We specialise in curating art collections and crafting bespoke art commissions that narrate profound stories. And our network is far reaching. We collaborate with both emerging artists as well as household names.

Artists we have worked with
Elise | Jessie and Katey | Vic Lee | Mandy Barker | Alexis Diaz | Eric Boyer | Bonzai | Dominique | Joe Elbourne | Claire Knill | Dunja Jankovic | Emily Forgot | Helen Johannessen | Jan Melka | Jourdan Joly | Lucy Douglas | Mental Klinic | Ruben Sanchez | Will Creech | Vic Wright


A beautifully curated blend of art and lifestyle woven with compelling narratives, elevated interior design and spotlights responsibly designed objet d’art. Our team will not only curate your space, but will handle the procurement, shipping logistics, and installation. Moreover, we can design and craft custom pieces for you in our Brighton workshop!

Creative Branding

We create emotive & captivating narratives that speak to the essence of your brand. Our branding strategy is holistic, generating communications and storytelling that nurture deep bonds and elevate brand loyalty.

Product + Furniture

We are catalysts for change, and our commitment goes beyond words – we take action. We craft bespoke negative-waste products, and you can head over to our sister brand Spared® for more information on furniture design, waste-based materials and small batch manufacturing.