How should we be evolving our design thinking to improve designs impact on the environment?

Let’s talk about “sustainability”, the frequent buzzword in the design industry.

We are passionate about considered design. It is built into our DNA. We focus on reimagining waste as new resources, as well as being responsible on where other materials are coming from.

Now more than ever with the current COVID 19 crisis we are seeing our high streets emptying, hospitality and travel industries are taking huge economic hits. Innovation is critical.

Redefining Luxury

Our challenge, and it’s a big one, is to find new and creative ways to turn existing materials into something that still has the desired luxury & aesthetic expected by our clients. However, it’s more than just a material specification exercise, it’s a mindset. Our role as designers is to help shift mindsets about what is ‘luxury’. When done well, low impact, reused or recycled materials create a new category of design: purposeful luxury.

This year we are committed to ramping up our R&D to find creative solutions to use waste and by-products from the construction and manufacturing industries. Here’s to 2021, may it be full of bright new beginnings and big steps to being more responsible designers!

January 2021

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