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Resilient Lady

Alongside Virgin’s award-winning design, service and entertainment, is a unique collection of commissioned art curated by us. We were responsible for the narrative, strategy, design, procurement and manufacture of art across 40 different experiences including suites, bars, restaurants, spa and other public spaces. As well as creating pieces in-house, we also collaborated with 9 artists across the globe on 68 bespoke commissions. Over the course of 26 weeks, a total of 372 installations were created ranging from sculpture, murals, prints, tapestries and 3D art.

Coming out of the pandemic, the notion of resilience and the expression of strength was a central theme that threaded through the narrative and brief to the artists. Partnered with the idea of optimism, and a celebration of positivity, confidence and perseverance, Resilient Lady is a celebration of the remarkable and represents the rise of the extraordinary. We pulled together a collective of artists that each brought individual thought and style; giving each artist the freedom to create something visionary and innovative.

Several of the artists created hand drawn/painted murals including; Dominique Latoel, Vic Lee and Jessie and Katey who worked on board over the course of several weeks. Each took a unique approach to celebrating optimism. Jessie and Katey through their signature playful patterns and bold colours, while Dominique celebrated the power of movement and energy with his expressive indigenous Moluccan symbol making.

“I am deeply grateful to Volume for giving me the chance to showcase my work that authentically represents my cultural indigenous Moluccan roots,” says Dominique Latoel, “they recognised the importance of genuine storytelling and provided me with the creative freedom to infuse my heritage into the project. Their unwavering support and confidence in my abilities enabled me to create a profoundly meaningful and impactful pieces for Virgin Voyages.”

We also created artwork in-house across 26 different spaces ranging from large scale sculptures and graphics to bespoke wall tapestries and hand-painted murals. These included signature pieces that are seen across all three ships including the ‘Tentacles’ and ‘Tail’ sculptures, and the ship’s display plinth made using waste by their sister company Spared®.

Creating responsible art is at the heart of our practice, and we share the same sense of urgency to pioneer purposeful sustainable solutions with our sister company Spared® who transform waste materials into art and furniture. Known for using innovative materials, we have incorporated food packaging waste into the ‘Tentacles’ sculpture, the ‘Tail’ sculpture located in the retail area was created from responsibly sourced cork and the vibrant ribbon-like sculptures at the entrance to the On The Rocks cocktail bar are made from recycled plastic and can be fully recycled. Works by fellow Brighton-based artist, Claire Knill, also saw a collaborative approach with the inclusion of Spared® elements incorporating seafood waste sat alongside brass components for her 3D wall art in the Rockstar Suites.

Having a deep understanding of the brand and an in-depth knowledge of the interior from their time as creative director’s for the first ship Scarlet Lady, we were well placed to create a confident mix of bold, playful and sustainably-led artwork.