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Scarlet Lady

We curated a revolutionary collection of art onboard Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages debut ship. Our strategy was clear – every piece of art must add meaningful layers of storytelling to the experience. This vision led us to commissioning 260 bespoke installations, making the art completely unique to Scarlet. Building on this, we led the art vision and worked with 11 artists and designers from around the world to bring it to life. Each piece tells a poignant story with themes of hope, innovation, and mystery, seducing customers to discover new nautical treasures across the ship. From sculptures, tapestries and photography, to live painted murals each artist and piece brings its own story and individual interpretation of modern sailing.

With so many wonderfully different experiences onboard, we used the art as a thread to subtly stitch the interior design stories together and create moments to stop and ponder. 

Our background in interior design and customer experience strategy brought a unique perspective to the project, bridging the gap between artists, manufacturers and brand values. In addition, to managing the art vision, we created 164 pieces of art including all cabin and suite artwork, 11 sculptures and 26 pieces of wall art.

We are driven by a need for practical and scalable solutions and a desire for truly great responsible design. Our hands-on approach is borne out of our natural curiosity to challenge mediums and push processes to be able to create pieces that are truly unique, thought-provoking and have sustainability at its core. Many of the pieces have been made with waste, to create beauty from the unexpected.

Scarlet’s art is a wonderful example of collaboration at its best, and we are delighted to have collaborated with so many incredible artists and visionaries, like ICART, The Invisible party, Alexis Diaz, and Mandy Barker to name a few.