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Commissioned by Virgin Voyages for their first cruise ship; The Scarlet Lady.


At the onset, our aim was to create a beautiful piece leveraging material solutions that a minimal environmental impact and incorporating sustainable methods.  We saw this commission as an opportunity to evoke discussion about sea pollution and Virgin Voyages’ on-going work to keep our oceans blue and plastic free.  Building on our research and development into sustainable materials (including that from the Achromatic Series), we felt passionate about using plastic waste in this piece.


Our research concluded that Jesmonite was our preferred aggregate (water-based, solvent free and environmentally friendly) for casting the desired shape, with ability to achieve a semi-gloss, neutral finish that would enhance the aesthetic impact of the plastic.


A variety of approaches for sourcing the recycled plastic where explored, from commercial solutions to grass root initiatives within local communities. It was the ideation that underpinned the concept that influenced the decision for the waste plastic to be collected by our team.


We lead a coastal clean-up on the foreshores of Tilbury Fort (UK) with Thames 21, where over 10 bags of rubbish were collected and 90% of this rubbish was plastic. The collected plastic was cleaned and combined with Jesmonite to create a beautifully raw form for the ship model to be displayed on and convey the narrative.


The piece is representative of Virgin Voyages’ and Volume Creative’s shared values in sustainability.


Professional Photo credit: Phil Hardman

Manufacturer: MDM Props