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VOLUME BRAND Graphic Design

Volume: Graphic Design and Branding 



After 3 years of intense project work and a big growth spurt, we paused (for a brief moment) to turn our branding up to the volume we have been working to!
Created together as friends, we wanted to reflect our studio goals in finding the perfect balance in design by using a harmonious bold and neutral tone for our brand colours. The modern interpretation of a dial replaces the ‘O’ of volume and the + and – logo directly relate to our brand ethos of being able to turn it up and down as and when is required. It highlights our ability to be flexible and adapt where needed.


Our brand identity gives us an opportunity to play with pattern, space and shapes. With our love of art and products, we are hoping to translate these into physical pieces that everybody can enjoy so watch out for some limited edition volume artwork in 2019.