Celebrating the power of plastic waste as a raw material. An exhibition highlighting the urgency to reduce manufacturing of single use plastics.

We’re excited to take part in Plastic Free July exhibition curated by Ellipse Design Studio and Blackhorse Mills.  We will be showcasing products made from plastic waste from our sister company Spared®.  Additionally, our light collaboration with Houseof will be on show.

Ou mission is to reinvent waste and curb it from going to landfill.  We are delighted to exhibit our work alongside others that share our passion for creating change.

Here’s what Ellipse have to say about the exhibition: “The campaign started as a social experiment to showcase the sheer quantity of plastic waste consumed by a London development in one month. This then evolved into an exhibition aiming to highlight the problems with plastics, and encouraging people to consume less, and re-use more.”

The motivation behind the event “the amount of plastic in our lives is overwhelming, and our recycling system is not as effective as people believe. Through a series of facts, the exhibition aimed to highlight the extent of these plastic problems. Tactile material displays allowed people to see what material looks like at different stages of the recycling and production process.”

Thank you to Ellipse Design Studio and Blackhorse Mills for putting on this exhibition.  And to the local community for dropping off their plastic waste to save it from heading to landfill.

More details about the exhibition and other amazing artists exhibiting can be found here.  You can register for the opening event on 29th of July.

Hope to see you there!

*Drop us a line to chat about ways we can support you to reduce your waste and head over to our Spared® website for some inspiration.