We are thrilled to introduce Spared. our new service that turns your waste into beautiful purposeful surfaces and objects.

We push ourselves everyday to do better and think bigger and our clients rely on us to create innovative, responsible designs. For years we’ve been developing ways to design for better with waste and by-products from manufacturing. Our mission is to turn waste into wonder, into beautiful purposeful surfaces and objects. This vision, coupled with years of R&D, has led us to launching Spared.

This new venture, allows us to offer tailored services bespoke to you and your waste ;). Likewise, if you’re just looking for some beautiful, modern new materials, we got this covered too as we have 3 responsible core materials available under the Spared. offering.

It’s been a long joinery getting to this point, and we still have so much more to do, but the vision is beginning to turn into a reality! We are overjoyed.

Lots more to come but please check out our website www.spared.eco

June 2021

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