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Volume: Original product and design

Art made with Recycled Plastic

As a new facet to the company, we have created our first in-house designed artwork. We did this to celebrate our hybrid design team. We are not only designers, but also consultants that curate art for clients, commission work based on our growing network of artists and designers and create bespoke pieces in-house.


We wanted to create something that had a connection to the sea and the environmental impact there has been to coral reefs across the globe. Taking inspiration from natural growth patterns found in the flora and fauna of the ocean, we wanted to create a series of component parts, that are art forms in their own right, which organically come together to create one contemporary vision.


Materiality & Form

The material choices were key in trying to differentiate the series of pieces. According to a report by Greenpeace, there is an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic that end up in our oceans each year which is affecting entire ecosystems and ocean life.

The use of eco resin, created adaptability for the shapes, tonal change and texture to represent the degradation of natural coral.   We embedded small shards of recycled plastics to represent the dramatic effect this man-made product has on the ocean.


Why did we call it Achromatic?

The name Achromatic came from our continuing research into the degradation of coral on the seabed. Either through climate change or man-made influences, coral will slowly bleach its natural colour over time. Volume One is a series of five pieces which represents these signs of degradation through various shades from black, through to grey and finally to white, and the abstraction of forms referencing the changes that take place, so as not to be recognisable as natural coral, but as mutated vessels.


Creating the logo

As part of our development work we also explored ideas for branding, something simple and strong that could relate to Volume as well as stand-alone for our product ranges as they expand. By taking our plus and minus handles, we played with a few iterations and by simply rotating the symbols, we were able to create the roman numerals for eleven, XI, a fitting link to our ever present tag line, ‘turning it up to 11.’