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Commissioned by  Virgin Voyages for their first cruise ship; The Scarlet Lady.


A 3D nautical wall artwork used as wayfinding to assist sailors in navigating around the decks onboard the ship. The coloured number and singular coloured object help Sailors identify their location.


Inspired by childhood pop-up self-assembly toys, the design focuses on shape and form (with the absence of colour) to represent every-day objects. There are two versions of this artwork; the first uses natural objects (such as shells and coral) that can be found washed up from the ocean and the second uses man-made objects (such as snorkelling equipment and iconic holiday items) found on the shoreline. Each scheme references what the sailors may see when on vacation and on the beach.


Each of the objects were hand carved out of clay to create a fibreglass mould for casting. The finished cast objects were fixed onto the geometric framework to complete the ‘pop out’ aesthetic.


Exploration and discovery is encouraged as the piece invites sailors to survey the detail and discover what each piece is (as if finding it on the beach themselves), finding hidden messages and intricate details.


Photo credit: Phil Hardman

Manufacturer: MDM Props