Our different backgrounds from product and furniture to interiors and customer experience, create a seamless dynamic on any project. Collaborations elevate what we do; it generates debate and unexpected ideas. We’re able to feed off the energy of other creatives making collaborations a natural fit for us.

It’s easy to remain contained within a style or a way of working, but essentially, we become unchallenged and being challenged as a creative opens up more opportunities.

Our collaborations have been diverse over the last 5 years, working with artists, makers, lighting specialists and a sound designer to name a few. Each have brought their own aesthetic, ideas and personality to the work we’ve produced together, creating unique and interesting experiences, giving us the ability to learn and grow, as well as give us a point of difference in our own field.

We are developing innovative, sustainable materials for several companies that are interested in using these materials for collections, so for us, collaborations not only exist as a project or product, but apply to a much broader spectrum of creative opportunities.

Collaborations should be embraced, large or small in any creative industry. We feel enriched by these experiences and the new connections we’ve made along the way. It enhances our way of working and has built a network of fellow creatives we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

In these uncertain times, we need to work together and move away from the traditional insular design agency approach. What this year has taught us is the future is collaborations.

October 2020

Recommended Listening: Collaborate by Cape Grind